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Daddy Bones Balm creates a natural healing balm for everyday people.   Our Natural US Grown Hemp organic topical balm is formulated with Full Spectrum CBD oil.  When you apply a CBD salve topically, the cannabinoid-carrying lipids in the oil base are transported across skin cell membranes, at which point the CBD begins its healing mechanisms on surrounding cell and tissue layers.  This is also why salves are a good choice for things like joint pain and skin-specific conditions like eczema and psoriasis – you can “target” the CBD activity directly onto a desired area and initiate therapy right at the source of the pain or discomfort.  People are seeking hemp products to help with a long list of ailments, but our balm is best used for pain, joint pain, arthritis, soreness, and much more.  

A State of California Licensed Cannabis Manufacturer, our THC/CBD Balm is only available from CA Licensed Retailers.

Daddy Bones THC/CBD Balm is currently being distributed by:

Rio Vista Farms
11 Richard Brann Drive
Rio Vista, CA 94571
 (833) 424-4283​​
Hours 9:00 am - 9:00 pm

Delivery Service now available from Rio Vista Farms. Call to see if they come to your area!